Volta Europe BGS

Volta Europe BGS is a dynamic biogas investment and development company. We specialize in the planning, financing and realization of biogas plants which utilize organic waste from industries, farms and municipalities.
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Volta Europe BGS
Warszawskie Centrum Finansowe
ul. Emilii Plater 53
00-113 Warszawa, Polska

Agricultural biogas

Virtually all arable crops can be used for biogas production. Some types of quality agricultural biogas feedstock are: barley, rye corn, straw or grass.
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Industrial biogas

When properly designed and managed, biogas plants can utilize large amounts of organic waste from the food industry such as distillery sludge, slaughterhouse waste, vegetable, fruit canning / pickling and potato processing wastes.
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Volta Europe BGS invests in and develops biogas facilities built to recover methane produced from food processing and production waste such as waste-water or flotation sludge to generate heat and electricity.
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Volta Europe BGS finances biogas investments. We have made capital and other forms of security available to support external developers, entrepreneurs, industrial partners and co-investors in meeting the equity requirements of lending institutions.
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Selected references

Elektrownia Biogazowa Przykona 1 897 kW

Operator: Bioelektrownia Przykona Sp. z o.o. Rozpoczęcie: 2014 Biogazownia rolnicza, wykorzystująca w procesie fermentacji produkty pochodzenia rolniczego, oraz odpady z more »

Dobronín 620 kW

Operator: Dobrosev a.s. Rozpoczęcie: 2010 r. Stacja biogazowa wykorzystuje do produkcji biogazu obornik z gospodarstwa hodowlanego. Instalacja została zgrabnie wkomponowana more »

Construction of Kacina biogas station